Klamath Falls – Maud Baldwin 

While visiting the Baldwin Museum last June I came across the camera collection and studio of Maud Baldwin, photographer.  Maud was a photographer whose father owned the Baldwin Hotel.   She lived from 1878 – 1926.  She committed suicide in the lake across from the hotel at the age of 47.  They do not know if it was from being heartbroken over her love that left town or from the use of harsh photographic chemicals over the years.  It was the highlight of my visit to the Museum!   

Check out her photography collection here

Here are a few photos of her studio… 

Until tomorrow, LAF

Springtime is the Best Time…

This year has been so busy I haven’t had a chance to go out and take Spring photographs, not even once!  Luckily I still have some photographs from last Spring that I would like to share now…

Until tomorrow, LAF

Happy Sunday! 

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature. Joseph Campbell 

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Klamath Falls – Baldwin Hotel Museum – Part 3

One of the best parts of the photographs I took at the museum is the fact that they were so much fun to make black and white.   Here are just a few…

Until tomorrow, LAF

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