Klamath Falls – Baldwin Hotel Museum – Part 2

I really loved this museum in Oregon.  So much stuff to look at!   Not sure how you could ever see it all.  

Some of my favorite things were the household items, bedrooms, etc.  I’ll save the dolls for tomorrow!  

Until tomorrow, LAF 

Happy Sunday!

In a world and a life that moves so fast, photography just makes the sound go out and it makes you stop and take a pause. Photography calms me. Drew Barrymore 

Lavender Fields in Oregon.  What a fun, relaxing and great day.  

Until tomorrow, LAF

Klamath Falls, Oregon – Baldwin Hotel Museum – Part 1

Like I said in my last post, I have so many photos.  One of the places I took a ton of photos was the Baldwin Hotel Museum.  Last Summer on a trip to Klamath Falls with my BFF she took me to this great museum.  Really one of the best local museums I’ve been to.  It was chock full of, not only local historical materials, but old items in general.  

They had a kitchen, movie theater, sports equipment, bedrooms, beauty and barber shops, medical, store front, lawyer’s office, and many more.  I took so many photographs manly because I was hoping to catch an orb or two, but it was not to be!  Not one orb or strange thing.  Oh well, maybe next time.  

Since I took so many pics I thought I would post them in parts.  For Part 1 I decided to post the lobby and some of the unique carpets and flooring. 


They have an amazing treasure trove of outfits and clothing.  

Come back tomorrow for a look at the bedrooms, LAF 

Thoughts for the Day…

How many photographs can one girl take?  Quite a few actually.  I have so many photographs that are just sitting in this cloud, that computer, oh some on my iPad, countless photos on SD cards.  It’s crazy.  I get so much enjoyment from taking the photographs and editing them, but it is soooo out of hand.  

Recently I’ve been working on putting a photo book together of the trip I took of my trip to Ireland four years ago!  Thank goodness I documented my thoughts, photos and experiences on this blog.  I’ve been working on a document that I will make into a PDF, which I will then make into a magazine, of all my Ireland blog posts.   It has been a lot of work, but the hard part was already done. 

So, for myself and for those that want to follow along, I plan on posting more often so that at the very least I will have my photos and experiences in one place.  Wish me luck!!  

Pics above taken at Out of Africa Wildlife Zoo.  

Until tomorrow, LAF

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