Stay Home!

Stay home they say. Social Distance they say. Six feet they say. And I am. We are. I’ve only been in close contact with two people in about three weeks. It’s difficult. I miss my daughter. I miss my friends. I miss going to the Desert Botanical Garden for Spring! Oh I miss that so much.

However, I do feel so lucky to have been able to get out last weekend, take a drive and get some nature photos.

Just a few thoughts… Been working at home. Cooking more. Purging closets. Too much YouTube. Running out of TP. Want to eat all the time. Favorite shows are Making the Cut and Tiger King.

It’s hard to imagine when and how this will end. I so appreciate all the people working thru this out in the world.

I love taking photos of bark. Although i don’t know if a cactus has bark?

I have enjoyed processing my images more than usual. I guess because I am doing more of it, so I am getting better at it?

The light last Saturday was so pretty. I definitely need to get better at getting my images sharper. I think I get too impatient and excited to get the shot when I see something I like.

My favorite plant of the day…

It’s like it is so silly, free and beautiful.

Well that’s my thoughts for the day. Hope everyone is healthy and safe.

Until next time, LAF

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