Castle Farms – Garden Railroads

As a child I found railroad stations exciting, mysterious, and even beautiful, as indeed they often were. – Paul Johnson

This Fall I was able to go to Castle Farms with my best friend and cousin. Castle Farms is a beautiful castle in Northern Michigan. Besides having beautiful grounds for weddings, an Enchanted Forest and gorgeous castle, they have a fabulous miniature railroad.


Apparently as much as I loved the trains, I only took the above train photo! I obviously loved all the miniatures more, because I have a lot of those photos, as below…






As you can see by the above pics, the miniature garden railroad displayed all different eras of life, was quite amusing and interesting. We talked to the artist, who was also the railroad caretaker, he showed us his work room, he was so informative and you could just tell he loved his job.

Besides having town people and various scenes, there were some cool little creatures. As you can tell by the photos there was a storm earlier in the day and a lot of the little people had fallen and could not get up (without some help)!




My very best scene of the day was this one below… Perfect!


The only thing that would have made me happier, would have been to have a photo shoot of the little people with some big plastic spiders!

Until next time, LAF

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