Kauai Flowers

Oh the flowers on Kauai, Hawaii…

Almost two years ago, which is so hard to believe, we went to Kauai, Hawaii . It feels like we just went the memories are so special and vivid. It really was a dream trip! I still find it hard to believe that we made it happen! I was in photography heaven with all the beautiful flowers and nature. Although I did expect to see more bugs than I did, I actually don’t remember seeing any! Haha. Which may seem weird for me to mention, but I love to photograph bugs!

I thought this entry would just be some of the special flowers I saw on our trip and then follow-up with future posts re special experiences we had in beautiful Kauai.

I really hope that I can make it to Maui someday to visit my relatives on their beautiful island.  It surely was my idea of Heaven.

I read on a blog once where someone wrote “just because you take a photograph of a flower does not make you a photographer.”  That person’s comment has stuck with me for the last three years at least.  That may be true or not, but I love nature and flowers and photographing them is one of my biggest joys in life.  It’s funny how negative comments stick with you longer than positive ones can!  I hope that the joy I have in taking these photographs can be communicated to those who view them!

5 thoughts on “Kauai Flowers

  1. Beautiful pictures! I want to go to Hawaii someday. You know I missed this post and just found the email about it this evening… about that quote you read. What WOULD it make you then? I don’t agree with that statement at all. If you paint you want to be an artist all you have to do is start. It doesn’t mean you don’t get the title of artist until you are a master of the art. You are a photographer and a good one too! I love to see your pictures!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I loved Hawaii and still can’t believe that we went. It was so beautiful. I don’t really believe what that person wrote about flower photography, but I am amazed at even myself – how long negative comments last in your mind! By the way I love your positive outlook!

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