I’m back! Maybe, I think so… it’s fine, I’m fine!

It’s been crazy for everyone. I know it’s not just me, but I do feel alone in my thoughts. I’ve had so many scattered feelings that I’ve thought about blogging here, but haven’t been able to do it. I feel like it’s been much longer than April since I posted anything, but that’s what it says! I literally feel like it’s been a year.

OMG it’s been so long that WordPress has changed and my photos won’t upload. Better figure that out since this is where I like to share my photos. Not that I’ve taken many in 2020, but I did take a ton in 2019.

Last time I posted in here I was wrapping up my breast cancer treatment and quarantine was in full effect! During the new year I worked on my 2019 photographs, edited them, processed them and made them into a beautiful photo book that cost me a small fortune. But it was all worth it. I am so proud of it. I will be sharing a bunch of those photos as soon as I can get this working.

A few things I would like to post about in the coming days is my recent work on travel journals, junk journals, shopping, not shopping, my husband’s Etsy shop, photography and dreams of adventures. My obsession with subscription boxes, YouTube videos and more.

So I hope you will come back soon!

Until then, LAF xoxo

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