Happy Sunday…

Hi guys,

What a difficult time we are in right now. It is so hard and I feel so spoiled. We are healthy, safe, fed and have a roof over our head. But, we are asked to stay home during this time and to social distance, and yet I feel so strange and out of place.

Yesterday, first I visited my mom and we had some laughs! Then Bob and I went to the White Tanks and took very short hikes, being careful to stay away from people, and found some flowers to photograph. My friend has tagged it #quarantography. I kind of like it!

The following photos are from my mom’s condo common area. Some of the rose bushes were from her back patio, but because we couldn’t keep up with them we had them moved. So pretty. I kind of missed the optimum time, as they were getting a little rough around the edges.

Today I worked on processing my photographs. Got thru the flowers anyway! The rest of the White Tanks will come another day. Soon, I hope. I also made brownies and colored my hair! Other than that I watched a ton of YouTube. Yikes some of it refreshing, some fun and some of it depressing. I really need to cut down my television time!!

Tomorrow, it’s back to work from home.

My favorite photo of the day….

Until tomorrow, stay safe and healthy.

Until tomorrow, LAF xoxo

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