Emerald Necklace Inn

While visiting Ohio recently I got a chance to run in to the Emerald Necklace Inn in Fairview Park, Ohio. Although I did not have time to have afternoon tea in this cute tea shop I did have a chance to take a look inside their tea room, buy some scones and some loose tea for later.

The tea room itself was very cute, although a little old fashioned. There was also a Mani-pedi room off the shop that seemed a little unusual when having tea! However, I imagine, although I’ve never done it, it might be interesting to have your nails and toes done and then experience a nice afternoon of tea. Could be quite pampering.

I purchased some scones that unfortunately did not live up to my expectations. However, as much as I did not like the scones, I loved the loose raspberry black tea I purchased. Have had quite a few pots of this tea, hot and iced, since coming home. Love the raspberry flavor, which seems as though it might also have a hint of apricot. Either way it is excellent. And it packs a punch of caffeine too!

Wish I had a chance to have tea at this cute inn as the lady of the shop was very gracious and I enjoyed our chat.




3 thoughts on “Emerald Necklace Inn

  1. love that little plate the scones were on. might you know where I could find some like it?. oh, the scones look very tasty, also. I love your tea blog!

  2. It would be nice to enjoy a nice cup of tea and some little sandwiches while getting a pedi! A place I go to here turns down the lights and has comfy armchairs and little side tables where you can put the beverage they bring to you (usually tea, juice or water). Its not fancy but they’ve made the effort and I prefer it to those huge massage chairs in most nail places (I’m too short really to enjoy the massage, it hits me in weird spots…). Or on spa day with my friends in Honolulu, Aveda had a tea room where you sat and soaked your feet in warm water while they served you tea.

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