Afternoon Tea – Morrocan Tea

Recently my niece had an Afternoon Morrocan Tea and housewarming party. We had a great time with great friends and beautiful tasty food. We had curry chicken salad sandwiches, hummus and pita chips, fruit and dip, artichoke dip, veggies, scones, orange cake and pumpkin cookies. If there is one thing we know how to do … Continue reading Afternoon Tea – Morrocan Tea

Tiesta Tea – Tea Review

While at the World Tea Expo in June of this year I was able to talk with a representative from Tiesta Tea. I have to say that it was one of the best experiences I had at the Expo. I spoke with one of the absolute nicest gentleman about their tea and was given some … Continue reading Tiesta Tea – Tea Review

Things I Love!

This weeks' edition of Things I Love is a wide variety of things, food, links, and fun! Today, when shopping at World Market I fell in love with this new line of paper products. I absolutely love journals and picked up this new one from live-inspired. I love this print below, but cannot remember where … Continue reading Things I Love!