Tea District

Not long ago I purchased a Groupon for Tea District to be used on-line.  Anything that gets me more tea I’m up for, so I thought I would give it a try, even though I had never heard of this company before.  I was very happy with my purchases and will buy from them again in the future.  Check out their website at:  teadistrict.co

I purchased three canisters with either sachets or tea pods.  I was not disappointed.  They were all very flavorable!   My absolute favorite was the Organic Orange Blossom Green Tea.  I think I may have two sachets of this left and am saving them!  This tea tasted great iced.  The English Breakfast Black Tea has gone to work with me to wake me up in the morning.  I have had it hot and iced and have enjoyed it daily for the last month.  The next one I purchased was the Children’s Tribute – Citrus Green Tea.  I haven’t tried this one yet, but if it is anything like the orange blossom I’m sure I will love it. Also raises money for a good cause.

Below is the description from the Tea District’s website of each tea I purchased.

English Breakfast Black Tea – China, Ceylon, Indian and African mixed tea with hints of earl grey – bergamot and citrus fruit, will become one of your morning favorites.

Organic Orange Blossom Green Tea – A stimulating splash of Organic sencha swirled together with lemon grass, orange peel and rose petals.

Children’s Tribute – Citrus Green Tea – Support the cause and sip the luscious taste of citrus fruit flavor and licorice root combined with Ceylon green tea. Five percent from the sale of this tea will be donated directly to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, an organization that has been fighting one of the most important battles there is. . . to save children from cancer.

I am anxious to try their other teas such as:  Organic Wild Berry Green Tea, Cinnamon Orange Spice Black Tea, and Organic Pomegranate White Tea.


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