Blogs to Cherish …

I decided to try and feature a blog I’ve found on the net that I cherish at least once a week!   This week’s find is:     You can also link to it on my home page under my blogroll.

Two things I love in life are Art and Tea!  Wow no wonder I found this blog so easily.  The writer, or do you say bloggist(?), has obvious interest in both areas – tea and art.  I love her reviews and her photographs are wonderful also!   She has a great feature of Saturday Morning Tea and her jewelry looks amazing.  I could spend all day just going thru her past posts under her recent categories of topics!  She obviously is very talented and has some great funky jewelry.  What I think draws me back to her blog most though is she seems to have a kind spirit to her and her posts reflect that!  Check it out you won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Blogs to Cherish …

  1. I totally agree 🙂 As a tea aficionado, ‘Art and Tea’ is a great resource and very educational. I also love her photographs!

    I am glad I discovered your tea blog. I look forward to perusing it!

    This Good Life

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