Stash – Iced Blueberry Green Tea Powder

One of the most generous vendors at the World Tea Expo this Summer in Las Vegas was Stash Tea.   They had the nicest exhibitors and basically just told me to take whatever I wanted as far as samples.  I found a lot of the other vendors to be quite the opposite, but not Stash.  The exhibitor, I wish I knew her name, took the time to show me their different lines of tea and seemed to really enjoy her job!  One of the teas she gave me was the Iced Blueberry Green Tea Powder.  I tried it the other day at work with two of my co-workers.  One liked it, one loved it and both gave it a thumbs up!  I liked it but was not convinced at first.   It was a little hard to get the powder to dissolve, although I think it would have been a little easier with putting the powder into a water bottle and shaking it up.  I also added more cold water into it as I drank it and loved it by the time I finished it.  It was refreshing and had great taste.  I think I would love to order some to have with me  in my purse to add into a quick water bottle for a change of pace!

Check out their website at:  and search on the word powder to find these refreshing teas.  Some I would like to try include:  pomegranate raspberry and green iced.

Blueberry Green Iced Tea Powder

Description from Stash:  “Stash Tea introduces a unique Powdered Iced Green Tea made from whole green tea leaves. We start with premium Japanese Sencha Green tea leaves and then grind them into a fine powder. We then add natural blueberry flavor for a refreshing, juicy taste. Just add to cold water and stir, no brewing needed. Since the entire tea leaf is consumed, you get more of green tea’s healthy antioxidants. Plus, you can add the powder to cold bottled water for a convenient and good-for-you beverage. Each box contains 12 foil-wrapped packets and makes 12 servings, 16 oz. each. Note: Since this product is made from powdered green tea leaves and is not instant, some green tea may be present in the bottom of the glass. Stir well or shake before serving.”

One thought on “Stash – Iced Blueberry Green Tea Powder

  1. Love this! I like to keep little beverage packets in the office, right now it’s mainly crystal light and iced coffee. This would be a nice addition!

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