Just Another Photo Challenge – Pretty In Pink

Pretty in pink and orange and lavender for today’s mauishopgirl Photo Challenge!



One of my favorite places to visit and photograph is Disneyland! It really is one of the happiest places on earth!

4 thoughts on “Just Another Photo Challenge – Pretty In Pink

  1. Oh I love the tea cups! The fair here has apples and I’m claustrophobic. I felt so dumb telling my boys I couldn’t go on the apples because I was scared LOL

  2. These are my kinda rides! I’m not the edge of the seat danger type. Put me in a colorful teacup and let’s rumble. So appropriate for you too!

    Mahalo for participating!

  3. Great choice to photograph in Disneyland for the pink challenge. I’m sure there are parts overloaded with pink ;). The first teacup shot made me happy! I wasn’t able to participate in the pink challenge.

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