Nine Days to Go!

Only nine days to go until I’m off to Ireland. Really can’t believe it and a few things are on my mind today!

First thing is exciting to me, which is I noticed I got 500 Likes on this blog. That seems amazing to me and makes me happy.

Every morning on my computer I check the weather for Dublin and Belfast.  Pretty soon I won’t have to check the weather as I will be in it.  Wow, it looks cold and wet.  But, I’m excited for that, although living in a warm climate for so long I’m not so sure about how to dress or what this will do to my hair! 

HOME:  Wed – Mar 20

Mostly Cloudy
75°  46°   Mostly Cloudy   
Chance of rain:  0%
Wind:  SW at 11 mph

 Dublin, Ireland:  Wed – Mar 20

Mostly Cloudy
44°  35°  Mostly Cloudy
Chance of rain:  20%
Wind:  ENE at 16 mph

 And finally, Irish thought for the day…  “What seems to us as bitter trials are often Blessings in disguise.”  – Oscar Wilde. 

One thought on “Nine Days to Go!

  1. Take warm clothes, but know that the only reliable thing about Irish weather is that it’s unreliable. I landed last March to 68 degree weather, no wind, no clouds and the locals thought it was summer. Within four days, it was snowing! Enjoy!

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