50 and Fabulous!

Another year older and hopefully wiser. I got back to the USA after my 10 day trip to Ireland right before Easter Sunday and my April Fool’s Birthday. I had a wonderful trip and have enough photographs and fun stuff to blog about for probably a year!

As I make my way past 50 I have been reflecting a lot on things as if I have a new chance at New Year’s Day resignations! So here are a few …

• Take more photographs (if that is possible)
• Blog more
• Lose 15 lbs by July 1st
• Eat better, move more
• Organize my home and try to get rid of “stuff” that is cluttering up my life.
• Work on paying off bills
• Work as hard as I can while at work so that I can enjoy my time off fully.

Hey wait, these aren’t the creative bullet statements I wanted on this list – these are all difficult uncreative goals, except for a few! I want creative, life changing, beautiful, inspiring goals!

• Visit the Desert Botanical Gardens once a month to reflect
• Research blogs and online sites to determine where I would love to visit next
• Edit all my Ireland photographs, research the places I’ve been and write about them
• Enjoy Graze boxes and blog about them!
• Enjoy Birchbox and blog about them!

I am sure there are million more things I could improve about myself, but heck one thing at a time.

Some birthday treats on my desk this a.m. … Love!






3 thoughts on “50 and Fabulous!

  1. Happy Birthday to YOU! I I hope you have a fabulous year too! I’m glad you made it back safely from your trip, and I can’t wait to hear about your travels!
    Have a wonderful week in celebration of YOU! 🙂

  2. Happy belated birthday! Love the Ireland photos – I am hoping to go there next summer. And Yes, loved Cupz ‘n Crepes, especially the savory one.

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