Bunratty Castle, Ireland


One of the excursions with our tour was dinner at Bunratty Castle. It was great fun and really brought the tour goers together. Nothing helps you get to know somebody better then a few glasses of Mead and wine.




When we got to the castle we were sent up a circular staircase for some glasses of Mead and music. Going down those stairs after the Mead was much more difficult than going up them! Lots of laughs for sure!

Downstairs we sat at long tables with our tour mates and had the best soup and brown bread. The only utensils we had was a knife. Second course was ribs, which were really good. Then potatoes, chicken, and vegetables. Dessert was a mouse of some sort. It really was a good dinner. Lots of wine also was had.




After dinner there was some entertainment. All the actors, actresses and waitresses were great.




The following buildings were on the property and luckily I got a few photos before we went in, because after dinner we were laughing so hard no photos would have been taken.





Until next time, LAF

3 thoughts on “Bunratty Castle, Ireland

  1. Wow! This is fantastic, probably every little girls dream, to go to a real castle! However, I do hope that what you enjoyed for dessert was some type of a “mousse”, and not a “mouse” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Either way, it sounds like you had a lot of fun!

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