Saving Changes…


OMG I’ve had the day. In between my daughter’s two dental appointments, I’ve tried to redo my blog appearance. How frustrating. I think about once a year I get bored with the appearance and decide I need to mix it up. I know I want change, but then I can’t figure out what I want! I’ve changed the appearance of this blog about 20 times today, used every theme WordPress has.

Have gone back and forth between paying for a premium or not. Trying to change the font color and size and it “saving” for an hour and not going anywhere.

Well, since we are off to another dental visit, I better stop here and let it stew in it’s own juices! LOL

Any suggestions? Like or dislike? Input would be appreciated, good or bad! Thanks!

Until next time LAF

2 thoughts on “Saving Changes…

  1. I have done the same … over and over and over … never quite satisfied. I know exactly what you are saying. It IS frustrating, isn’t it?

  2. I miss the pretty teacups at the top of the page….but I know what you mean. I get tired of the same thing and think about changing mine too, but it can be very frustrating, so….I’ve opted for less frustration, and no change. Kind of the boring, chicken way out, I know!
    Don’t give up though…you’ll get it just how you want and like it soon! 🙂

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