Coming soon … All things Oregon!  

Almost a year ago I went with my daughter and family friends to Oregon for a week long fun vacation!  

I am not sure why I collect photographs like seashells and not share them with anyone forever, but, since I have plans to go back to Oregon in about a month, I thought better late than never!  

I plan on sharing my photographs from my 2015 trip to Oregon and all the wonderful places we went, such as …

❤️ Sunsets

❤️ Train Mountain Park

❤️ Creepy Clown

❤️ Crater Lake

❤️ Food, food and more food

❤️ Rogue River 

❤️ Gold Coast 

❤️ Pacific Ocean 

❤️ Ashland 

❤️ Did I mention a Creepy Clown Mascot?  

I hope you will come back for lots and lots of photos from Oregon!  

Until then, LAF

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