Disney Never Gets Old …

Michelle this ones for you!   

This morning when looking thru my photos I came across some leftover Disneyland photographs.  We love Disneyland and California Adventures and went last May for my daughter’s high school graduation.  From the rides, characters, colors, flowers, and food, there is always something to photograph!  My happy place!   So, check out below for some random Disneyland and California Adventures leftover photos …

Who doesn’t love the teacups, from young to old, and the colors!  

The flowers!  Did you know that every year Disney employees catch people trying to steal cuttings of plants throughout the park?!  

Always a favorite when it’s hot…

It was crazy crowded…

The walk back to the hotel is even beautiful …

Come back tomorrow for photos of Cars Land!   Thanks for looking!  

Until tomorrow, LAF

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