Mom and Me

I’m starting a new feature called Mom and Me!  Kind of corny but why not?   Things we like to do, places to eat, memories made, etc.  

Recently my mom and I went to the At Home store.  We LOVE that store.  When we do go, which is usually twice a year, we spend at least two hours looking at everything!   I always end up taking some quick pics of my favorites.  And we always walk away with a Christmas ornament or two.   

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas items…  love the shadow box and wonder if I could actually make something like it?  

Creepy clowns?   Not sure what they really are to be honest. LOL

A great couch I loved and some homewares. 

Love the picnic bench here.  

My mom and I always have a great time together, and we really do love the AT Home store.   

Until tomorrow, LAF

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