Córdoba, Spain – Afternoon, Day 5

In the afternoon we had the option of either free time in Seville or going to Córdoba. We elected to go to Córdoba and we were very glad we did. It was a beautiful city. Córdoba was founded by the Romans.

The above photo was the first one I took when entering the Mezquita, a former Moorish mosque that today is Cordoba’s main Cathedral. I love color and the minute I walked into the Cathedral and saw the rainbow on the floor I was happy. I could have just taken that photo and probably been just fine. But, of course I took more.

From ~ 600; it was divided into Muslim and Christian halves from the 710s. It was Islam from 784 – 1236. Then it was a Catholic Church from 1236 to present.

The history of the structure is extensive. The columns were made of jasper, onyx, marble, granite and porphyry.

In 1236 Córdoba was conquered by King Ferdinand III of Castile, and the center of the mosque was converted into a Catholic cathedral.

Not growing up Catholic, Jewish or Muslim I had never been in gorgeous structures, Cathedrals, and Mosques such as these ever in my life. It was honestly kind of overwhelming to me. I also felt a little sheltered and welcomed the opportunity to see other areas, outside of my comfort zone, to worship.

My favorite photograph from the day, besides the first one, is below… funny how one is all the colors of the rainbow and the other is black and white.

Just as a side note, my memory of all these structures is a little fuzzy so I apologize if I’ve messed up a location.

Until tomorrow, LAF.


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