Tea at The Ritz in Phoenix

This spring six of us girls made a date to go to The Ritz for afternoon tea. We were very excited as The Ritz was changing up it’s usual afternoon tea service. We were excited and a bit nervous, this was The Ritz and we didn’t necessarily want it to change! All we knew was that the menu was tea-infused and that “Jeffrey” had a new look. On the way to tea we all gave our version of what the menu would be like and how our Jeffrey would look. You see anyone who has ever been to The Ritz knows Jeffrey IS The Ritz. He is the perfect tea sommelier. What would his knew look be like? Would it be dressier or more casual?

When arriving for tea we were welcomed by Jeffrey and his crew, all elegantly dressed in their new Hollywood Red Carpet attire. Jeffrey had on a nice white tux, although not his usual tails, was very elegant in his tux.

The sandwiches, as you can see by the photos below, were works of art. We all agreed that while we all liked them a lot, especially the one with goat cheese, we kind of missed the common sandwiches of the past, such as chicken salad, cucumber, and egg salad. The scones were amazing as usual. The desserts were also beautiful, although again we missed the less extreme flavors. Of course we had a wonderful time chatting and requesting music from the pianist, who was wonderful as usual.

3 thoughts on “Tea at The Ritz in Phoenix

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    All the best,
    This Good Life

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