Missoni for Target – pretty cups and saucers!

Well, I am not one to really get hooked by the hype, name brands, etc.   I saw the commercials for the Missoni products that were coming to Target.  I didn’t even know what Missoni was or who the designer is!   –  To be truthful I don’t get to Target much anymore.  I love it, don’t get me wrong, I just spend way too much money when I go there.  So, I try to stay away.  I thought I would have time to check out the new Missoni products at my leisure.  I guess I was wrong, very very wrong.  Everything in our neighborhood Target was stripped clean of all Missoni by Weds evening!   Although I am not heartbroken and will check back later to see if they get anymore products in, I must say I love the following mugs, espresso cups, serving tiers, etc.  I would love to have my friends over for tea and pastries on these beautiful plates!  Just a few of my favorites below:

Missoni for Target - Espresso cups and saucers
Missoni for Target - Mug
Missoni for Target - Tier server

2 thoughts on “Missoni for Target – pretty cups and saucers!

  1. I loved the expresso cup and saucer set too…Regarding the tier server, no matter what special Target collaberation, I noticed this is always one of the first items to go. Same story with the Liberty of London piece. I have no Target on Maui, which is definitely a good thing for my bank account 🙂

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