UFO Teapot!

Not long ago my niece sent me a photo of the below Alien/UFO Teapot.  She knows that I love tea, teapots and aliens!  This is the perfect teapot for me.  I absolutely love it.

UFO Teapot by Andy Titcomb

I ultimately found it on the website:  allteapots.com and I believe it may only be found in the UK.  For $84.00 I probably should just be happy looking at the photograph, although I believe it would find a happy home on my shelves in my house too!  I may have to do a little research and see what other neat and different teapots I can find on the web!

3 thoughts on “UFO Teapot!

    1. I’m not totally sure since I’m new at this, but I think just follow thru the email option at the top of page on home page. Thank you for all your kind comments!

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