For the love of flowers!

Recently while visiting my best friend and cousin I was able to go with her to where she works at a local greenhouse. She works as their perennial manager and has such a love for her plants! Because she was taking time off to spend some time with me she was not going to be at work as usual. I don’t think anyone takes their job as seriously as my wonderful cousin. She got up early every day to water and tend to her babies! She truly cares for them and I hope her employer knows what a special worker they have in her!

Anyway one evening I went with her to water the plants. It was very hot, but I didn’t mind, as I was in photography heaven! I stalked bees, ants and butterflies as if I was a hunter in Africa! I had a great time zooming in and out of all the well cared for plants, sneaking up on the insects and snapping away! Nothing surprises me as much as the fact that I am totally fearless of bugs when I have my camera with me!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites that follow.

My lovely cousin

6 thoughts on “For the love of flowers!

  1. Oh how beautiful! I wish you could see the botanical garden here at the University of Fairbanks Alaska. My son worked there last year as his first job. I never got to actually go in and look around. When I do I’ll be sure to get some pictures to show you. I love plants too. Your cousin is so lucky to have such a wonderful job.

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