Heavenly Scents & The French Laundry

Recently while in Michigan we went to one of my favorite places. Every year that we visit from Arizona we spend the afternoon visiting Heavenly Scents and having lunch at The French Laundry.

Heavenly Scents is a garden center/gift shop. The have a beautiful area that they use for parties and weddings. Their shop is full if unique gifts, fairies, and teacups. I always pick up a little gift for myself and take lots of photographs. This year I got two really cute pairs of earrings. They are the only place I have ever seen little troll bridges and houses. So unique and cutely different!

Lunch at The French Laundry was fantastic! I had a great chicken sandwich with avocado and iced tea of course. For dessert we had the big bug bar with cinnamon ice cream! The big big bar is a cookie bar, with chocolate chips, so delicious!


If you are ever in Michigan, you may want to take some time to visit both wonderful places!


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