A New Look!  

Yes, Have Teacup Will Travel has a new look!   I was so uninspired by my last theme for my blog and after lots of trying I think I like the new look!   

I have lots of cool ideas for new blog posts and tons of photographs to share.  I am trying to be more creative and spend more time here and less time looking at Facebook!  A few things I would like to focus on are places to visit, websites and blogs I enjoy, lists, things to do for fun in Arizona and the Southwest.  Trying to challenge myself and share more.  Will definitely be an experience.   

The above photo was taken at Out of Africa Wildlife Park.  I don’t get to go there often enough that is for sure.   A few more photos of the beautiful animals… 

This giraffe was hilarious, he literally got in the bus with us…. right over my head…

The Tiger was beautiful …

It was feeding time.  The animals were happy and hungry! 

I hope you will come back and check out all the pics I have to share, I literally have a cloud bursting at the seems.  

Until tomorrow, LAF 

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