The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch – Gilbert, Arizona

Last February I got up super early to drive across town to take photographs at The Riparian Preserve.  Although I wore a sweatshirt and jeans, it was freezing!  I wanted to get there when the sun came up.  I don’t remember what time I left my house, but it was quite the trek as I live in the West Valley and the Preserve is in the East Valley!   However, even tho the travel was far and the weather was freezing, it was so worth it.   The Preserve is a huge piece of land of 110 acres.  There have been over 200 different species of birds seen at the Preserve.


Sunrise over the water
Biggest bird I have ever seen – like a small dog!

As you can see there was fishing, birdwatching, hiking, dog walking, bike riding and of course, photography going on at the Preserve.  It was alive with activity!  Although there were a lot of people at the Preserve, it really felt like I was alone.  I could sit on a bench and wait for the perfect shot in total silence, except for all the beautiful bird calls going on around you!  Everyone was in their own little world of peace and quiet.

Hungry ducks!

Let me tell you I stalked those birds like a hunter – for hours on end!  I totally enjoyed my time alone, just me and my camera!  I believe that the birds are migrating in the early spring and maybe fall.  I definitely want to make another trip back to the Preserve.  I always look at my pictures when I get home and wish I had done something different, taken the shot from a different angle, different exposure, etc.  Well, I will just have to go back and try again!

The link to the preserve is:  www.

5 thoughts on “The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch – Gilbert, Arizona

  1. Oh I love your pictures. I love birds but don’t get to see many different kinds of birds. I live in the city so I hear a lot of birds from my yard but can’t see them. I’m always trying to identify birds I do see. I love that white bird standing in the water. What a great picture!

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