Any thought on orbs …

Not long ago I was packing our suitcases for my daughter’s trip to Michigan and I noticed how our dog, Tigger, looked so sad. He always knows that when the suitcases come out that we will be leaving him behind for a few days. Well he laid down, with his back to me of course, and let out a big sigh. I grabbed my camera and snapped a photo. The following is what I got … Not sure even why I took the photography I just felt a need to capture him at that moment.


I truly believe that our dog Randi, who passed away three years ago was comforting Tigger. It looks to me like Randi laid down right next to Tigger as a bright and shiny orb. I know that sounds crazy but I would like to think it is true!


Has anyone else had orbs show up in their photos and wonder what they are? Possibly they are just dust in the air I suppose!!

One thought on “Any thought on orbs …

  1. I know they say orbs are specks of dust, but I believe orbs may be spirits. My sister and I look for them in photos and when I was looking for a place to rent, if there were orbs in the photo, I wouldn’t even look at it. My niece was near a cemetery one night and the photo showed thousands in the air. It is just a little spooky, but I believe they are more than dust.

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