Wild West Wickenburg, Arizona

A few weeks ago, well maybe it was Spring, because I know it wasn’t that hot and it has been hot here FOREVER, we decided to take a drive West of Phoenix to Wickenburg for some photo taking, sightseeing, antique shopping and of course eating!  It’s a nice drive and really not that far from where we live on the west side.  When we first got to Wickenburg our first attempt was to find the Vulture Mine to take photos and walk around.  However, apparently it is only open for special tours.  It was no where to be found, I believe we saw it from a distance, but no signs, etc.  So, we stopped at this little cemetery on the way back into Wickenburg.

Cemetery outside of Wickenburg, Arizona
Attempt at HDR Photography

After walking around the town for a little bit, going in some small quaint shops and antique stores, we went to the Desert Caballeros Western Museum.  I can’t say enough good things about this local Museum.  It was really amazing.  I loved everything about it.

Desert Caballeros Western Museum

The museum had an area with miniature dioramas.  These miniature scenes were just so amazing.  I love miniature anything though.   There were probably about 15 or so surrounding the room with great lighting and benches to take it all in.  The license plate exhibit was another one of my favorites.

Diorama of western town
Old time license plates of Arizona

There were other art exhibits on this main level, Indian artifacts, western wear, etc.  But my favorite part was downstairs!  They had the neatest exhibits of a small town with the grocery, bar, blacksmith, etc.  It was done very well and I could have spent a lot of time there just looking at all the little things stashed everywhere!

Grocery exhibit in museum
Seamstress exhibit in museum

The following photograph and exhibit totally scared me though!  It just had the oddest look to it.  I usually love photographs of people from the back, I love paintings and photographs when you can’t see the person’s face.  I also take a lot of photographs in this style.   This one definitely does grab me!! Something about it just looks so real and so sad.

Creepiest photo ever unintentionally!

Also downstairs they had some blacksmith exhibits as seen below.  Also at this time they had a “Women in Photography” exhibit that was spectacular.  I loved it.  All the photographers were women and all the subjects were horses.  We were not allowed to take photographs in this exhibit, but let me tell you the photographs were beautiful!


After spending hours at the museum, we went to a few more shops, had a tasty mexican dinner at Anitas and antique shopping.  It was a great day back in time to the old west!

Boots at the Western Wear store in town.
Antique shopping
The Jail Tree

I would definitely recommend a visit to Wickenburg, Arizona!   I would still like to venture into the Vulture Mine but will have to look into that a bit further.

2 thoughts on “Wild West Wickenburg, Arizona

  1. wow, neat pictures. I’ve been to slide rock and Sadona in Arizona. I had a great time there. I love checking out old buildings and seeing the way they used to do things. At Slide rock we saw an old apple orchard and the buildings there and old farm equipment. Arizona is a neat place.

  2. That shot of the girl is totally creepy! Looks like some good western fun. I love the license plates and the cowboy boots (I was thinking of doing a “bunches” prompt in the future as I love shots of multiple things or flower bouquets.

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