Just Another Photo Challenge – Pau Hana

This week’s photo challenge was to capture the joy of quitting time, pau hana.  How do you spend your pau hana?  Photo Challenge by MauiShopGirl.com

I like to spend my time after working and driving a long commute by reading about and practicing my digital photography skills, reading Artful Bloggin (my favorite magazine ever), teen paranormal fiction and of course, looking  over every travel brochure I can get my hands on and dreaming of going to Europe!

6 thoughts on “Just Another Photo Challenge – Pau Hana

  1. Like cousin, like cousin…I wish we had lived in the same place for at least a little while. I suspect we’d get along. I’d be happy to just sit with you, read artful blogging, take some pictures and drink some tea.

    Lovely shot Laurie! Mahalo for linking up!

    1. I know! I wish we could live closer together, I agree, we have so much in common! But, it’s never too late to have a relationship. I am so so grateful for getting to know you better through your blog and Facebook. Hopefully some day Jackie and I can come visit!

      I am so enjoying the Photo Challenge. Am already thinking of the next prompt which I love! Laurie

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