Just Another Photo Challenge – A Bunch of …

I have been having a lot of fun participating in Just Another Photo Challenge by mauishopgirl.com.

This week I was determined to take a bunch of new photographs for the challenge, but after life got in the way with doctor visits, school projects, car repairs and homecoming dress shopping, the photo taking fell by the wayside!! Until last night when I wandered around my kitchen determined to find a “bunch” of something! Below is the result – a bunch of my daughter’s Dill Pickle sunflower seeds! I hope you enjoy.


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4 Responses to Just Another Photo Challenge – A Bunch of …

  1. My husband is obsessed with sunflower seeds. I didn’t use the prompt this week, but I love looking at everyone’s pics!

  2. lisacng says:

    So are they coated with dill pickle juice or powder? I’m intrigued! Visiting from MauiShopGirl

  3. mauishopgirl says:

    I’m intrigued too. Do they taste like dill pickles? I actually thought of kitchens, flowers and toys when I picked “a bunch of”. On instagram I found I really enjoy a lot of images that shows “multiples”. Thanks for joining in Laurie!

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