Desert Botanical Gardens & David Rogers’ Big Bugs

Last year at about this time the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona presented David Rogers’ Big Bugs exhibit.  I absolutely love the Desert Botanical Gardens, have an annual membership and spend many a morning taking photographs or sitting on my favorite bench and reflecting.  Every fall to spring they usually have a new exhibit.  I anxiously await news of what is coming all summer.  I know I am a nerd!  I was so excited to see that the Big Bugs were coming to the Valley!  The following are a few of my favorite big bugs.

The site described the exhibit as follows:  David Rogers’ Big Bugs was on display throughout the Garden and provided a look at insect predators, pollinators and beneficial critters. The 11 enormous, whimsical bugs created quite a buzz! Sculptor David Rogers has carefully created these creatures from fallen or found wood, cut saplings, twigs, raw branches, twine, bark and other natural materials. The sculptures weighed from 300 to 1,200 pounds and ranged from seven feet to 25 feet long.

The praying mantis greeted you upon entrance into the gardens…

The large spider and web were amazing…

The Ladybug outside of the Herb Garden appeared to be the kids favorites…

A cricket hides amongst the walking paths…

On the Sonoran Living Nature Loop Trail was my favorite part of the exhibit – three large ants coming down the mountain…

Such works of art!

Not sure why, but I had an extremely frustrating, difficult time photographing the Big Bugs.  Maybe it was the lighting, the size of the exhibits, my mood, who knows, but, although I enjoyed the exhibit it left me feeling a bit overwhelmed!   Of course I took some time to take photographs of the plants and wildlife to get my mind off the size of those bugs!!

As it is now Fall again, I am so excited and waiting for the new exhibits to start at the DBG anytime now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Desert Botanical Gardens & David Rogers’ Big Bugs

  1. wow, I really wish I could have gone while I was there. I love bugs and those things are amazing! Wow. I also love white flowers and that is the prettiest one I’ve seen so far. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us.

    1. Thank you! I loved those big bugs, although they were so overwhelming like I said before. I usually like looking thru the lense at small/micro things and they were not small! It was also fun to watch how kids reacted to the sculptures. It was probably torture for them not to be able to climb all over them!

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