Just Another Photo Challenge – Eerie Beauty

This week’s mauishopgirl photo challenge was Eerie Beauty. I so wanted to do a wonderful portrait of my daughter, but I definitely need to work on photographing people more! So, the following are some photos I hope give off some eerie beauty.
When I was a little girl my grandma lived behind a cemetery and we would walk her dog, sometimes a few times a day.  I have such fond memories of walking with my grandma it was always peaceful and quiet, something my grandma rarely was!  She was a spitfire and walked like a professional speed walker!  But it seemed we slowed down in the cemetery and I so enjoyed those walks together.



10 thoughts on “Just Another Photo Challenge – Eerie Beauty

  1. I especially love your first picture. There’s something about that tree in the middle of everything that I love. And it’s so close to that one gravestone! I’m guessing both the tree and gravestone are old.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Amazing that you’d walk through the cemetery as a child and find it peaceful b/c that’s what you and grandma did! Our high school was across the street from one and it always freaked me out a bit. The vintage treatment of the first photo is so appropriate, and I love the long shadows of the headstones in the second. Happy Halloween!

  3. I love the first picture too, very beautiful. I always like when tv shows and movies do scenes in graveyards. I’m scared to walk through them though! It has to do with a Japanese ghost story about getting possessed by dog spirits (although dogs are very sweet I couldn’t understand why the spirit was not so sweet). It must be fascinating to see an old graveyard with really old tombstones and all that history. So this wasn’t grandma Nielson right? Must be your other grandma.

  4. Definitely fits the theme of eerie beauty. Old cemeteries can be strangely peaceful, especially when they are near a beautiful view or nature has become part of their landscape, like old trees between headstones or moss covered monuments.

  5. Let’s see if this comment will work this time. I’ve enjoyed walking through old cemeteries when nature is present, like old trees or a beautiful view, or moss covered headstones. Although I’ve not seen moss on headstones on Maui!

  6. When I was really little we would take a picnic to the family plot in a really old cemetery in Brooklyn in New York, so they have always been pleasant places for me too. I think the black and white and shadows in the first photo make it more eerie.

  7. You know what’s funny? I didn’t even THINK of a cemetery lol. Great photos though. Like many of the other commenters, I love the first picture with the tree. I think it shows how old the graves in the area are. I love the design of headstones as well. Beautiful and haunting.

    1. Thank you. It is a very old cemetery in Ohio that is near my mom’s house. Whenever I visit her I like to go there at sunset or sunrise and try to catch shadows, etc. I also like to read the dates on the headstones and try to imagine what they were like. I am a nerd like that!

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