Aquarium of the Pacific.

Recently I was fortunate to be able to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California.


I would definitely recommend it. It was pretty crowded but not to bad, and all the kids having a great time was refreshing.

My daughter’s favorite was the sea otters.


My favorite was the jelly fish. They were just amazing.




The spider crabs totally freaked me out!


The tropical fish were beautiful.



The penguins were another favorite of my daughter.


They also had a little section of birds.



It was a beautiful day and I feel so grateful to be able to see so many wonderful places.

2 thoughts on “Aquarium of the Pacific.

  1. I love jellyfish too (as long as they aren’t in the water with me!). One day I’d love to get one of those blow glass art pieces that are in the form of a jellyfish. This looks like a great educational place. I never saw seahorses before. Sounds like a fun day with Jackie.

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