Ireland Here I come!

2013 is the year I turn 50 and although I feel young at heart it is really bothering me. Maybe if I weighed the perfect weight, instead of 40 lbs overweight, maybe if my feet didn’t hurt so bad all the time, maybe if I didn’t get stressed out, or bored, maybe… It wouldn’t be so hard to turn 50!

Anyway, on a ” turning 50″ whim I booked a trip to Ireland with my wonderful adult niece for this Spring. I am very excited and have so many thoughts running thru my mind. What do I pack, what do I wear, boots, shoes, coats, books, etc. Half the fun of going on a trip for me is planning and reading about my destination, dreaming about the places I’ll visit and the photographs I’ll take.

I have been searching WordPress for blogs and images of Ireland. The more I read, research and dream the more questions I have. So, if anyone out there has suggestions of what to pack, what they love about Ireland, any blogs they would recommend, and advice in general I would love it! Do I need heavy coats, waterproof boots, umbrella, raincoats in March?

Thank you or Go raibh maith agaibh!


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