Tea Review . . . Kusmi Detox

I thought I would do a review on a new tea I tried recently. Since my trip to Ireland is fast approaching, like less than a month, I am especially worried about my excess weight. I’ve been trying for a year to lose weight without much success. I came across some Kusmi Detox tea that they must have sent to me in an order. I liked it, it had a nice fresh taste to it. I am not sure it is detoxing me but I definitely feel like its a clean refreshing drink. I have only tried it hot, but I bet it would be great iced.

Of course the Kusmi presentation us always beautiful.

The Kusmi Tea website listed the “Detox” as follows:

Quick Overview
Blend of maté and Chinese green tea flavored with lemon and lemon grass. The combination of maté and green tea makes Detox the perfect drink to detoxify and reinvigorate the body throughout the day. Detox is also refreshing and delicious if served iced in the summertime. We suggest to enjoy this tea during the whole day. Main flavor: Lemon, lemon grass

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One thought on “Tea Review . . . Kusmi Detox

  1. Beautiful presentation and sounds yummy! I’m going to look for this one. Detox scares me sometimes (unless you know I can stay home on vacation, close to the loo) but this sounds kind of mellow.

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