Great-Tailed Grackle

This spring while sitting under my favorite tree at the Desert Botanical Gardens I noticed a female Grackle guarding her nest in a tall saguaro.


As I watched I noticed a male Grackle (black) guarding the area nearby. What happened next was quite the show. Another male grackle decided to get too close to the female, the nest, some babies, I really don’t know. What I do know is that a fight broke out …



As I sat there wondering if I should intervene, although I was too busy taking photos to get too close, what I saw next surprised me. As the bird on the bottom started squawking loudly it drew the attention of just about every other bird in the gardens. They all flew to the tree above the fight, watching, but not getting involved. I never would have expected that…





In a broader sense, the rhythms of nature, large and small – the sounds of wind and water, the sounds of birds and insects – must inevitably find their analogues in music. – George Crumb

Until next time, LAF

3 thoughts on “Great-Tailed Grackle

  1. I hope he survived. I had no idea that a female grackle looked like that! I see the black grackles all over but I don’t think I’ve seen a female, they’re pretty.

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