Springtime in 2020

What a strange Springtime it is this year. Doing the whole social distancing thing is so hard. I miss going to my favorite gardens, going out to eat, seeing my family and friends. Staying home and working from home are harder than I thought it would be! The photos on this post are all from … Continue reading Springtime in 2020

Madrid, Spain – Part 4, Day 9

We had a great time in Madrid. It really was f7n, but oh the crowds. Lucky for me we didn't have to get into these crowds. We we're lucky enough to be at the castle when they marched in. p A whirlwind tour of the city, a beautiful day, great people watching! Below is our … Continue reading Madrid, Spain – Part 4, Day 9

Plants of Granada – Part 3, Day 8

Of course one of my favorite parts of traveling is seeing all the plant life in a new place. The flowers, shrubs and trees. All of my favorite things. I believe plants are really one of those things that bring me great joy. The Generalife means the architect’s garden. The Generalife of Granada is located … Continue reading Plants of Granada – Part 3, Day 8