Baby birds … Verdin 

I noticed a few months that we had a new nest outside our house.  I haven’t seen the mom or dad, but recently I’ve seen two of the baby birds.  The are so cute!  

Here is the nest … And the flowers in the tree …

Not sure but I think this might be the dad Verdin bird or mom, and if you know that this is a different bird, please let me know!  

I think this is the baby bird, but am not sure, they seemed to have grown a lot in the last two weeks…



I also caught a little hummingbird in the tree with the pink flowers.  I am amazed at how big his wings are compared to his body!  

After taking about 100 photos these are the best I could get, until I get out there and stalk them some more!  I have really enjoyed their presence. 

Until tomorrow, LAF

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