Moorish Granada – Part 1 – Day 8

On the Eighth day of our trip we went to Moorish Granada. We visited and toured the magnificent 13th century Alhambra Palace. Oh I have soooo many photos. What a great tour. The Palace is one of Spain’s most celebrated monuments. It is dramatically perched atop Assabica Hill overlooking the entire city. This imposing hilltop fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the world’s finest examples of Moorish art and architecture. During the reign of the Moors, the Alhambra served as the summer residence of the royal family.

It was a beautiful day and the grounds and views were amazing.

Today, I thought I would share some of the building and of the view photos and then tomorrow some of the plants and gardens! I noticed I have two different building types of photos and I sure wish I had taken better notes of what is what. I always go with good intentions of journaling while on the trip and always come home with and empty journal.

Some photos from the fortress down to the city. So pretty and wish I could go in some of these buildings. Lovely.

The following is my favorite photo of the day …

Come back tomorrow for some of the other buildings and the next day for the gardens!

LAF xoxo

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