Happy Sunday & It’s a New Year …

Here it is March 1st, 2020 and I think it’s my first post of 2020! Yikes! A lot has happened since November when I posted those little puff balls. I’m going to TRY and start posting more frequently. It’s a great place for me to journal and hopefully share my photos with a few of you!

So, since the last time I posted we have had the holidays, daughter’s wedding planning, my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and so much more. I haven’t taken many photographs for the last few months as I was just so exhausted. But, now I am getting my energy back and have so much to share.

For example, the photos added in this post are from last March, 2019 at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. I have so many things to show you guys, Scotland, Death Valley, Gardens and more.

All of the photographs edited in Luminar 2018, which I am working on learning.

Until tomorrow, LAF xoxo

5 thoughts on “Happy Sunday & It’s a New Year …

  1. Laurie, Love, love, love the photos. have missed seeing your new photos. please keep snapping and posting! love u!

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