Happy Sunday & It’s a New Year …

Here it is March 1st, 2020 and I think it’s my first post of 2020! Yikes! A lot has happened since November when I posted those little puff balls. I’m going to TRY and start posting more frequently. It’s a great place for me to journal and hopefully share my photos with a few of you!

So, since the last time I posted we have had the holidays, daughter’s wedding planning, my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and so much more. I haven’t taken many photographs for the last few months as I was just so exhausted. But, now I am getting my energy back and have so much to share.

For example, the photos added in this post are from last March, 2019 at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. I have so many things to show you guys, Scotland, Death Valley, Gardens and more.

All of the photographs edited in Luminar 2018, which I am working on learning.

Until tomorrow, LAF xoxo

5 thoughts on “Happy Sunday & It’s a New Year …

  1. Fabulous photography as always! So sorry about the cancer diagnosis…hope you are on the mend.

  2. Laurie, Love, love, love the photos. have missed seeing your new photos. please keep snapping and posting! love u!

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