The Thelma Files – Introduction

Recently I came across my maternal grandma’ s slide collection. One good banker box full and a funky metal box! As I looked thru the slides I mentioned them to my mom and she said ” oh your grandma was a great photographer!” I never remembered her taking photos, but maybe as a kid I just didn’t notice?! Maybe by the time I was in the picture she didn’t do it as much?

I would like to think that I got my “eye” for photography from her? That it’s part of my photography DNA? I love the picture above with her camera by her side. I only wish she was smiling! My grandma was very special to me. She was a strong woman, working in the early years in a mental hospital and then in the produce department of a grocery store. She lost one child in a house fire and another to the Korean War. She had three other children, my mom, my aunt and an uncle. She was married four times and lived to 93 years old! To be honest she wasn’t always the nicest person and probably hurt some people deeply, but I know she loved me and I only hope that she learned what she needed to from this life.

I decided to make a project/series of her photography, here on my blog, entitled “The Thelma Files.” I can thank the following podcast, which I regularly listen to, with reconnecting with my grandma and her photography! Take a listen to Shuttertime With Sid and Mac ! They have a great episode on your photography DNA and how it may determine what you like to photograph.

I hope you will follow along in my journey.

Until tomorrow, LAF

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