Teacups! Tea! Travel!

I love the three T’s!  I love teacups, tea and travel.  When I can combine them I love them even more.  I am starting this blog to post my thoughts, photographs, reviews and comments about my favorite tea things!  Hopefully it will be enjoyable.  A few things I want to cover in the near future is tea reviews, World Tea Expo, Afternoon Teas I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying and traveling I hope to do and dream about.

One thought on “Teacups! Tea! Travel!

  1. Laurie, I just read all of your blogs. What a lovely presentation you’ve made, and your comments are so enjoyable and informative. I can just picture you having the time of your life, and this is such a great experience for Jackie. Here’s wishing you many more of these very special times in your life…

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