Travels to Vegas

Had a great time traveling to Vegas. The first night we took the monorail to the strip and checked out the Bellagio and Paris hotels.  Apparently there was the Electric Daisy Carnival in town so there were hundreds of thousands of daisy bikinis and furry boots!  Vegas is quite the eye-opener indeed, but fun!  We had a great time walking thru the shops, watching the Bellagio fountains and the botanical gardens at the Bellagio were also beautiful.   We had a great time!  Crashed into bed so that I could get up early and make the hot walk to the convention center for the World Tea Expo.  More on that later…



One thought on “Travels to Vegas

  1. I did not know that you collected teacups! I am assuming that you do, but maybe you just love tea. I have a very small collection of teacups – I just think they are beautiful and delicate. Can’t wait to see your pictures!

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