Tea of a Kind – Tea Review

At the recent 2013 World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the chance to meet the nicest representatives of Tea of a Kind.  I also got a cute Tea of a Kind lip gloss but that's besides the point!  Better yet I got the chance to try their products. Tea of a Kind … Continue reading Tea of a Kind – Tea Review

Authentea – Tea Review

One of the exhibit booths I visited at the recent World Tea Expo was Authentea.  These were some of the nicest people I have met, so informative, attentive and who I believe truly love their product. Check out Authentea at their website here.   Check out the USA website here.  The below tea is described on … Continue reading Authentea – Tea Review

Ceylon Bliss – Favor Ceylon Tea

Recently at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas I had the pleasure of speaking with a few of the representatives of Favor Ceylon Tea.  They were all so friendly and informative. I really enjoyed my chat with them. They explained to me all the uses of the liquid tea and that their "teas are … Continue reading Ceylon Bliss – Favor Ceylon Tea