Tiesta Tea – Tea Review

While at the World Tea Expo in June of this year I was able to talk with a representative from Tiesta Tea. I have to say that it was one of the best experiences I had at the Expo. I spoke with one of the absolute nicest gentleman about their tea and was given some … Continue reading Tiesta Tea – Tea Review

Things I Love!

I have had a rough time this week, haven't felt good, disappointment in certain things, hard days at work, so to counter that I thought I would share a few things I loved this week! 🙂  Baby animals in Spring 🙂  My niece's blog called Whatever Is Lovelier - which is full of inspiration, DIYs, … Continue reading Things I Love!

Tea of a Kind – Tea Review

At the recent 2013 World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the chance to meet the nicest representatives of Tea of a Kind.  I also got a cute Tea of a Kind lip gloss but that's besides the point!  Better yet I got the chance to try their products. Tea of a Kind … Continue reading Tea of a Kind – Tea Review