Just Another Photo Challenge

Starting this week I’ve joined Mauishopgirl’s Just Another Photo Challenge.  This week’s challenge was Peaceful.   Since this was not a very peaceful week I took some time, actually quite enjoyable, going through my older photographs looking for a “peaceful” shot.  I ran across the photograph below.  It just jumped out at me and brought back memories of being on my cousin’s farm at sunset.   I hope you enjoy it!


5 thoughts on “Just Another Photo Challenge

  1. Visiting from MauiShopGirl. Great silhouette! The gradation of the color in the sky is wonderful. The bell (?) even looks like a tea kettle. Haha. Great interpretation of peaceful. The only thing I might change is to crop out the bottom so that the bell is the focal point. Great job!!

  2. Love the colors in the background and the bell (we don’t seem much of that type of thing arouund here). Thanks for joining in Laurie and I’m so happy you’ve started to blog again. XOXO

  3. I love the sunset (or is it sunrise?) behind the bell. So beautiful. It makes me want to ring the bell…which wouldn’t be peaceful, uh? LOL

    Anyways, thanks for stopping by on my blog. I can’t wait to see your next photo challenge.

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