Just Another Photo Challenge – Old

I was so excited for this week’s mauishopgirl’s Just Another Photo Challenge as the topic was “old.” I love love love photographing old stuff, such as western towns, old trains, cars, furniture, and antiques.

When I see the new topic for the next week I get excited thinking of all the neat photographs I can take, the places I could go, the people I could photograph and then reality hits and it’s Tuesday night and NO photographs have been taken!

So here it is Tuesday night and as I look around my home a lot of ideas of “old” comes to mind! I narrowed it down to my teacups and teapot and one little tidbit at the end.

The first teacup I have no idea where I got it! But I do love it.


The second teacup is a very special one. My husband bought this teacup for me for our anniversary while we were out antique shopping. It has Niagra Falls on it which is where we went on our honeymoon many a year ago.



The teapot that follows was given to me by my ex-sister-in-law who knew my love for tea even before me!


The last photograph is of a small cluster of items I found of my dad’s the last time I was home. I brought them home with me thinking I would make some jewelry out of the little items, especially the license plate. I think my dad would like that. If any one has any ideas let me know!


3 thoughts on “Just Another Photo Challenge – Old

  1. LOVE the roses teacup. In fact, I have a little candy dish that I bought from a fun tea place in downtown Honolulu that kind of matches it. I’m so glad you got excited, old gets me jazzed too! If I ever get back to Ohio, I want to go thrifting, I suspect there is some really cool midwest stuff from midcentury that I’d love. Btw, I’m often taking my shot on Tuesday too! Thanks for hopping cuz!

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